New 24/7 LiveStream with Art + Music

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New 24/7 LiveStream with Art + Music

I’ve been working for a while to transform my artwork into moving graphics that could be used in a different way than just still imagery (similar to the credits in the movie). After lots of experimentation, I’ve found a way to do this through the availability of modern tools.

With that, I’m happy to share here my first 24/7 live stream – featuring moving artwork and nearly 5 hours of carefully curated music. Available, anytime, anywhere you YouTube is available.

This stream works well for studying, working, background at dinner parties, and of course, being creative.

More About the Stream

Immerse yourself in an innovative and inspiring 24/7 live music feed, featuring the mesmerizing lofi/chill beats that harmoniously intertwine with the visually stunning artwork of renowned artist Preston Zeller. This live stream is an auditory and visual feast, crafted to transport you into a world of creativity, focus, and tranquility.

Every frame is a moving masterpiece, as Zeller’s inspiring artwork comes alive, gently swaying in rhythm with the hypnotic beats. The nexus created between the art and music invokes a unique ambiance that transcends typical background noise – it becomes an experience.

Ranging from mellow lofi beats to soothing chill tracks, this live stream provides nearly five hours of handpicked music designed to promote concentration and productivity. It serves as a perfect companion for long study sessions or intense workdays when you need that extra push to keep your creative juices flowing.

But it’s not only about work – this live feed also caters to moments of leisure. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or winding down after a long day, these ambient tunes coupled with Zeller’s dynamic visuals create an environment that is both engaging and relaxing.

The beauty of this unique combination lies in its versatility; it can set the mood for any occasion. Dive into your next artistic endeavor inspired by Zeller’s moving graphics or let the calming beats lull you into restful relaxation at the end of your day.

Accessible anytime and anywhere YouTube is available, this immersive experience is just one click away. So why wait? Lose yourself in Preston Zeller’s world where art meets music, fostering an atmosphere conducive for studying, working, relaxing or creating like never before.

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