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Art of Grieving Exhibit

About the art of grieving exhibit

The Art of Grieving Festival will take place at the St Albans Museum + Gallery in Hertfordshire between the 27th May-4th September. The Festival aims to help break the taboo and encourage openness and conversation about loss, bereavement and death.


Artists Exhibiting About Grief, Love, and Loss


Days of Exhibition for the Entirety of the Festival


Year the Exhibit was Started in London


The Art of Grieving Documentary will be premiering in the UK on June 19th, 2022. A live Zoom Q&A will take place afterwards.

What is art therapy and how does it work?

The Festival will include the work of over 50 artists exhibiting paintings, sculptures, photos, short films, textiles, songs and poetry about loss, bereavement or death. Every piece will be accompanied by a description of the circumstances in which it was created or the inspiration behind its creation. The artists taking part will be sharing intensely personal work and they are doing it because they want to be part of open and honest conversations about this important part of life. Loss of a child; loss of a sibling; loss of a parent; loss of a partner; loss of a home; loss of a relationship; loss of identity; loss due to suicide, cancer, covid – all of these and more will be part of the 3-month exhibition.

Quote from festival organiser:  “Loss, bereavement and death are all a part of life that is too often ignored or hidden away. The Art of Grieving exhibitions enable artists working in any medium to share work related to these issues. This coming together of artist and audience generates new and important human connections around a shared desire to explore these often taboo subjects.”

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